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Made in Taiwan (Remade in Brazil)


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A maiden of Asia, but far from there
Throws iced petals none would dare
To touch or simply look at them:
The frost queen can freeze most men.

I yearn to face your cold illusion
With honest words — a dashing intrusion
Inside your flesh, this flame will dwell!
You are to be my warmest spell.

But he or she… The same, these days
“A social construct”, is what they say
Such lie is scorched with us in bed
That’s when biology roars and shreds.

From there, rude truths burn finally free
We simply know what we are to be
Your blood cries: the puzzle is gone
Man and woman, two pieces made one.

I fiercely draw a female from you
And paint it with our natural brews
The art of life — in many small deaths!
Ex-damsel born from our shared breaths.

– – –
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